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Hugging on Top of Hill

The need for strong and healthy emotional relationships with the people most important in our life is wired into our genes and into our bodies.

It is as basic to life, health and happiness as the drives for food, shelter and sex. We need these relationships to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy - to survive.

  • Do you need a stronger, more emotionally connected relationship where you feel heard, understood, respected and you know that you are not alone?

  • Do your communication styles result in repeating conflicts that never fully and fairly get resolved?​ ​​

  • Does your partner use logical thinking and try to immediately "fix" the situation instead of recognizing your need for a safe place to just be supported?

  • Are you needing more empathy, appreciation, and respect from each other in a way that builds a stronger bond between you?


Welcome to Relationships By Design.

With a 90% success rate, we will move together through a proven process that will build more secure, trusting emotional bonds with your partner, your children, your parents and even your closest friends. As these relationships improve, you will experience reduced anxiety, loneliness and depression and you will feel more emotionally, mentally and physically connected to those you care about most.


If you want more from these relationships, but just don't know how to get there, reach out so together we can design the relationships you want and deserve.

Thank you for taking this first step together.


What to Expect

If you have never been to counseling before, or you have but what you learned really didn't last, rest assured your experience here can be truly life changing.


Working with me as an individual, as a couple or as a family, we will focus on reducing relationship conflict while designing and creating those deeper, more emotionally connected bonds you are looking for.

The first few sessions will identify your specific goals and then together we will create a customized counseling plan that will guide us through the process that will dramatically improve the quality of your most important relationships.  


During our time together, we will explore your past and current relationships and discuss how they have influenced who you are today. We will also identify those damaging interactions that escalate into dead-end, repeating confrontations. This will enable us to plug into the deeper emotional reactions that each of you experiences during these times. 


We will work on limiting those negative spirals that leave you both disconnected so you can tune in to each other in a way that builds much stronger, lasting emotional understanding and connection.

This will be an exciting journey that promises to challenge your understanding of your partner's needs and how each of your interactions with the other dramatically affects your happiness and your connection as a couple.

I look forward to taking this relationship changing journey with you... Chris

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What to Expect
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